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"Even if I were born again a hundred times. I wouldn't be able to find a better place, since I met you in this world... The reason this world is beautiful is that because you live here..."
9-4-2013 17:32:29 Trả lời
Nếu một ngày tình yêu chỉ còn là trách nhiệm, không còn là hạnh phúc, không còn là ngọt ngào, không đam mê... thì tình yêu chỉ còn là một thói quen.
22-1-2013 08:23:40 Trả lời
I would like to thank you for showing me a part of myself that I have never seen!
15-12-2012 13:38:40 Trả lời
14-12-2012 16:14:16 Trả lời
Love is how to sacrifice instead of being selfish - First Love
8-12-2012 14:27:32 Trả lời
"...a handsome face may capture the eyes... but a beautiful soul will capture the heart..." -unknown-
29-11-2012 11:29:34 Trả lời
There’s no specific reason when you truly love a person. That's how I feel about BYJ. Once you get hooked to his charm, you'll never get over it. He has this special aura. His total personality is re ...
25-11-2012 12:00:29 Trả lời

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